2016: A New Chapter

As we move into the New Year, I want to set myself up for success. I look forward to learning, growing, and settling into my own skin. I hope that each month I live up to the challenge and learn something from my resolution.

With these words, I launched myself into 2015. And what a year it was.

new-years-eve-936219_640To say that my life has changed over the past 365 days would be a massive understatement. I started the year as a Peace Corps Volunteer living in Botswana and I’m ending the year sorting out my life in Portland, Oregon. I started with a pretty solid life plan and ended with a plan to make a new plan. It’s been such an adventure it’s hard to fathom how little time has really passed. It feels like an eternity caught in the blink of an eye.

This New Years seems like a break point. It’s racked with uncertainty but with this uncertainty comes opportunity. From here, I am only moving forward. 2016 is full of this promise. 2016 also seems to be coalescing as the year of the written word.


My Current “To-Read” Lists…

Last New Years I decided to make twelve separate resolutions to help shape my year. Let’s be honest, I failed miserably. Some months I managed to follow my commitment but more often than not it was the last thing on my mind. One thing I did do this year was read. A lot. The 62-books kind of a lot. That’s more than a book a week.

To build on this success, this year my commitment takes the form of a reading challenge. I can’t take credit for this glorious idea, that belongs entirely to PopSugar, but I’m seriously looking forward to it. This list will give me inspiration in my decisions of what to read next and will introduce me to books I might not have read otherwise. I’m undertaking this challenge alongside a friend, which adds an air of competition. Who doesn’t like a good competition?


Another thing I’m looking forward to this year is refocusing on this blog. Over the past few months my priorities have been elsewhere. I haven’t always managed to get a post out each week. Without the structure of Peace Corps’ Third Goal, I’m not always sure what I should be writing about. I’m trying to make my posts relevant to anyone who stumbles upon this blog, but I’m not always sure what I should share with you. Not to mention that my Thursdays now seem to fill up with other obligations, so my set date of posting goes by with the wind.

Despite all of this, I love blogging. It has become a passion that I plan on continuing and building. It’s just a matter of how. Maybe I should start fresh with a new blog that isn’t founded on my time in Peace Corps. Maybe I should do an overhaul of this site. Maybe I should just continue on as is. Over the next few months I’m sure there will be an evolution of my blog-presence as I try and figure out what works best. Feedback is always welcome!


Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 11.02.21 AMIn January, I am excited to begin a Copyediting course through UC San Diego’s Extension program. This is a step towards following my passion for written language in a tangible way. Becoming a famous author doesn’t seem realistic (nor particularly compelling for me), but I can learn to engineer words. Learning the nitty gritty of grammar and language can help connect me with a world I never imagined. If nothing else, at least it will make my blog posts sound more polished.

2016 promises to be fantastic and terrifying. I don’t know where I will be 365 days from now. What job I will have, who I will be, what my dreams and plans will look like – all of that is a mystery to be uncovered. I end 2015 without regret or bad feelings but instead with anticipation of what’s next.

Happy New Year!

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